How Is A Stretching Procedure After Turp Done? (Correct answer)

What should I do after a TURP resection?

  • If this occurs, rest and drink plenty of fluids until the bleeding stops. To help prevent problems during the first month after your surgery, follow these tips: Drink plenty of fluids. Avoid strenuous exercise. Don’t lift anything over 10 pounds. Avoid sexual activity and strenuous exercise. Avoid straining at stool.

Is walking good after TURP surgery?

Once you feel able, gentle exercise such as walking will help keep your blood circulating and lower your risk of getting a blood clot in your legs. Drinking plenty of water while you’re recovering may help reduce the risk of getting a urinary tract infection (UTI) and can help clear any blood from your pee.

What does reaming the prostate mean?

It is used to cut away the pieces of prostate tissue that are bulging or blocking the urethra. Electricity will be applied through the resectoscope to stop any bleeding. The pieces are flushed into the bladder, and then drained out through the urethra. The resectoscope is removed.

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How long does frequency last after TURP?

Results: After TURP, the frequency of bladder overactivity were 2-4 times a day, and lasted for 5-15 min each time in control group. The frequency and lasting time of bladder overactivity in treatment groups at different time were less than those in control group (P < 0.01, P < 0.001).

What is the most common complication of TURP?

Retrograde ejaculation is the most common long-term complication of TURP and can occur in as many as 65 to 75% of men.

Can I drink coffee after TURP surgery?

Avoid coffee, soft drinks, and alcohol. They can irritate your bladder and urethra. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fiber. You may use a stool softener or fiber supplement to help prevent constipation, which can delay the healing process.

How long does it take for the bladder to heal after prostate surgery?

However, for most men, regaining full control of their urine is a gradual process that takes several weeks or months. By six months, most men who were continent before the surgery no longer need pads, though some prefer to wear just a liner for security even if they do not leak.

Is TURP still the gold standard?

TURP is still the gold standard even now for small to moderate sized prostate glands which comprise the vast majority of cases in any urology practice. HoLEP has not been able to replace TURP as the gold standard in this regard.

Why does it hurt to pee after prostate surgery?

A burning sensation and a strong desire to go to the toilet. These symptoms are due to the passage of urine over the healing area of the urethra following the removal of the prostate tissue. This can be easily treated with mild pain relievers and medication which change the acidity of the urine.

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Which is better TURP or laser?

There was no difference between the two procedures in terms of hospital stay or complications. However, men in the TURP group achieved a faster urinary flow rate (they could pass higher volumes of urine more quickly). TURP was also slightly more cost-effective and faster to perform than the laser procedure.

How much prostate is removed during TURP?

While enlargement of the prostate happens to most men, fewer than 10% will require surgery. The TURP procedure cannot be used to cure prostate cancer because it removes only the parts of the prostate closest to the urethra, while leaving the majority of the gland intact.

Do I have to take Flomax forever?

Tamsulosin oral capsule is used for long-term treatment. It comes with risks if you don’t take it as prescribed. If you stop taking the drug suddenly or don’t take it at all: Your BPH symptoms won’t improve. If you stop taking this drug for several days, talk to your doctor before starting again.

How long does painful urination last after TURP?

Irritating urinary symptoms. Urination might be painful, or you might have a sense of urgency or frequent need to urinate. Painful urination generally improves in six to eight weeks.

What is post TURP syndrome?

Abstract. Absorption of large volumes of irrigation fluid during transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) can produce hyponatremia, coma, blindness, and cardiorespiratory depression. This has been termed the “post-TURP syndrome.” The pathophysiology and management of this syndrome are controversial.

Can enlarged prostate be reversed?

Treatments. Because BPH cannot be cured, the treatment focuses on reducing the symptoms. The treatment is based on how severe the symptoms are, how much they bother the patient and whether there are complications.

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Will nerves regenerate after prostate surgery?

Nerve tissue can be easily damaged during robotic prostatectomy, regardless of the skill of the surgeon, and takes a long time to regenerate. It is believed that early postoperative medical therapy can aid an earlier return to potency.

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