Stretching A Sentence By Using Where? (Perfect answer)

She always begins her workout with a good stretch.” “The long stretch of ocean was breathtaking.” “There is a narrow stretch of empty land in our backyard.” “We were the only ones on the empty stretch of the beach.”

How do you stretch a sentence?

Stretch sentence example

  1. That’s a stretch and a tug.
  2. She heard him stretch out on the ground and within minutes his breathing changed.
  3. Very little would change in this seventy-year stretch of life.
  4. It was a relief to stretch out in a restaurant booth.

How do you use stretched in a sentence?

Stretched sentence example

  1. There he stretched out his long legs and sipped at the cup of coffee.
  2. Cade stretched and yawned.
  3. The manor stretched into three long wings.

How do you put where in a sentence?

Where sentence example

  1. Was that where his father got all that money?
  2. ” Where are you?”
  3. I’ll show you where you can sleep.
  4. Where did you plan to sleep tonight?
  5. Where were they, anyway?
  6. I also have an offer to work at the law office where I worked last summer.
  7. That’s where my part came from.
  8. ” Where is he now?” she asked.
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How do you use a stretch?

At one time, during one period. For example, Working quickly, she hoped to finish all the drawings at a stretch.

What is an example of stretch?

To stretch is to move the limbs of your body as far as you can. An example of stretch is when you reach your arms as high as possible above your head to reach something on a high shelf. To make taut; tighten. An example of stretch is what a sweater does when someone wears it who is too big for it.

What is this word stretch?

To stretch is to extend or lengthen something beyond the normal length. Don’t walk too vigorously, though, or you could stretch a muscle. The word can also be used as a noun, meaning an expanse, as in, “Looking toward the horizon, the thirsty man saw an endless stretch of sand.”

What does it mean by at a stretch?

Definition of at a stretch: at one time without stopping She can sit and read for hours at a stretch.

What does that’s a stretch mean?

That’s a bit of a stretch: That’s a little exaggerated, that’s a slight exaggeration. idiom. It’s a bit of a stretch to say that every U.S. retailer carries Delavigne perfumes. Everyone knows it’s an exaggeration. To stretch literally means “to extend” or “to elongate”.

How do you use where?

We use where as a conjunction meaning ‘ in the place that ‘ or ‘in situations that’. The clause with where is a subordinate clause and needs a main clause to complete its meaning. If the where clause comes before the main clause, we use a comma: Where you find a lot of water, you will also find these beautiful insects. 6

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Were and where in a sentence?

Were is the past tense of be when used as a verb. Where means in a specific place when used as an adverb or conjunction. A good way to remember the difference is that where has an “h” for “home”, and home is a place. Were is one of the past tense forms of the verb be.

Where we use put and keep?

Keep is used for long term or customary actions. Put is used for short term, non-customary actions.

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