What Is An Example Of Brand Stretching? (Solved)

Brand stretch: a launch of a new product into a completely different and unrelated category e.g. Galaxy Creamy Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows or Robinsons Classic Fruits Sweets.

Which is an example of a brand stretching?

  • One is a straightforward brand extension – keeping the same core product category, but moving to a different audience – i.e. change the who. An example of this type of stretch is Dove skincare for women and Dove skincare for men, an example we will explore further later in this post.

What is brand stretching give an example of brand stretching?

Brand stretch: a launch of a new product into a completely different and unrelated category. The 007 fragrance is a good example of this.

What is brand stretching?

The term brand stretch refers to how far a business can stretch its products or services into new and unrelated markets successfully. The less extreme variation of a brand stretch is a brand extension, where an existing brand launches a new or modified product into the same broad market.

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Can you give any examples of successful brand stretching?

Many other brands have followed this path, through few as successfully as Disney. Dunhill has stretched from cigars to a luxury male clothing brands. Caterpillar stretchedits rugged brand to shoes. Dettol stretched from disinfectant to a full range household and personal hygiene brand.

What are some examples of brand extension?

Some example of brand extension are:

  • Apple: from personal computers into MP3 players.
  • Callaway: from golf clubs into footwear, apparel and golf accessories.
  • Dyson: from vacuum cleaners into desk lamps.
  • Starbucks: coffee-based beverages into energy drinks.
  • Mailchimp: email marketing to Facebook ads.

How does Coca Cola use brand extension?

This brand is best known for its original coke taste, but using brand extension, Coca-Cola has launched a whole new line of various coke products, such as Coke Zero and Cherry Coke flavor. When exploring brand extension, this can also mean completely unrelated product lines compared to the original product.

What is the example of flanker brand?

Most businesses in a mature market do this—for example, MillerCoors has created flanker brands around it’s Miller Lite brand: Miller 64, Keystone Light, and Coors Light. These four brands compete with themselves in their one segment, but it’s still better than a direct competitor taking market share away from you.

Why do brands stretch?

Successful brand extensions allow companies to diversify their offerings and increase market share. They can give the company a competitive advantage over its rivals that don’t offer similar products. The existing brand serves as an effective and inexpensive marketing tool for the new product.

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What is co branding give example?

Co branding is the utilization of two or more brands to name a new product. The ingredient brands help each other to achieve their aims. The overall synchronization between the brand pair and the new product has to be kept in mind. Example of co-branding – Citibank co-branded with MTV to launch a co-branded debit card.

How do you define branding strategy?

Definition: Branding strategy A branding strategy (a.k.a. brand development strategy) is the long-term plan to achieve a series of long-term goals that ultimately result in the identification and preference of your brand by consumers.

What is an example of brand licensing?

Licensing is used by brand owners to extend a trademark or character onto products of a completely different nature. Examples of intangible assets include a song (“Somewhere Over The Rainbow”), a character (Donald Duck), a name (Michael Jordan), or a brand (The Ritz-Carlton).

What is a brand portfolio?

Brand Portfolio – The set of all brands in a company. Product-defining Roles – The set of roles that each brand could play. Portfolio Roles – The role that the portfolio plays, in relation to the products. Brand Scope – The dimension (product categories, subcategories, and markets) of the brand portfolio.

What type of extension is Colgate?

Line extension ideas 2: Product extension When you launch an entirely new product unrelated to your existing service or offering, it’s a “product” extension. Colgate started off making toothpaste, then gradually began to release new products connected to oral care – you can now get Colgate toothbrushes and mouthwash.

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What is an example of a brand?

Although brands are generally intangible, we often associate things like products and names with brands. Examples include Apple, Nike, Coca-Cola, Advil, and Tylenol.

What is an example of extension strategy?

Extension strategies include rebranding, price discounting and seeking new markets. More complex rebranding efforts can include new advertising strategies, extensive public relations (PR) and social media marketing campaigns.

What is multi brand with example?

Having a multi-brand strategy means having a portfolio of products with different brands or names, all owned and managed by the same company. An example of this is Nestlé, with a multi-brand portfolio of over 2000 different brands, including Nespresso and KitKat.

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