How To Prevent My Glasses From Stretching? (Solution)

If your glasses slide down your nose or sit too low, the nose pads must be adjusted inward. If they pinch a bit or sit too high on your nose, you’ll adjust them outwards. Be sure to make the nose pads even on both sides. For most metal glasses, it should be easy to push nose pads in either direction with your thumbs.

  • Put wax on the bridge of your glasses to prevent slips. Glasses wax comes in a lip balm-like tube and provides friction between your frames and your nose. Remove the cap from the wax and rub a small amount on the bridge of your frames. Put your glasses on to test if they still slip around.

How do I stop my glasses from stretching?

If your glasses are too tight or are sliding down your face, you may need to run the temple tips under warm water for 30-60 seconds before bending them into place. You can also use a hairdryer for 20-30 seconds. If your glasses are too tight- carefully bend the temple tips upwards to relax the curve.

Does glasses wax work?

Once the glasses are prepped and cleaned, the wax goes on perfectly, with little effort. I find that it works very well too. I do have to re-apply after a few hours, but it’s still way better than constantly pushing my glasses up all day long!

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Is it bad to wear tight glasses?

As loose fitting frames are bad, so are tight fitting frames. Glasses that are too tight can be uncomfortable on your head, and often times don’t properly align your eyes with the focal point of the lens.

How are glasses supposed to fit?

Your glasses should sit in the middle of your face, no higher than your eyebrows. The total width of your frames should match the width of your face at the temples, leaving enough room on the sides to avoid digging in or leaving marks. Well-fitting glasses will create a sense of visual balance.

What is Nerd wax made of?

Nerdwax is a beeswax based blend of All-Natural and Certified Organic, cosmetic grade ingredients specially formulated to keep your glasses in place.

Where is Nerdwax located?

Hejny, an East Nashville resident, developed a solution to his problem: Nerdwax. The all-natural, beeswax-based blend comes in a lip balm-sized tube and is applied to glasses to prevent them from slipping.

Why are my glasses so uncomfortable?

Uncomfortable glasses are a nightmare and the symptoms can severely impact your everyday life. The reasons for these symptoms are either incorrect lens power, which usually results in headaches, or an eyeglass frame size that doesn’t fit you properly, which results in them pressing or weighing down behind your ear.

How do I know if my glasses don’t fit?

“A good eye-care professional will use the three-point touch rule to ensure a good fit. “The frames should touch the nose, the top of the right ear, and the top of the left ear,” she continues. “If the frame is too narrow, the glasses will constantly slide down your face and need adjustments.”

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How do I know if glasses are too small?

To find out if your glasses are too small for your head, look for these signs:

  1. Eyes toward the outer edge of your frames vs. in the center.
  2. Facial indents left behind from the temples.
  3. Pinching from the nose pads.

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