What Does Stretching Out The Time Of The Impact Do To A Force?

What is the influence of stretching on force production?

  • The influence of pre-exercise stretching on force production must be considered for improved performance potential. Stretching prior to an activity has been attributed to passive relaxation of the muscle because of reduced neural activation and greater connective tissue compliance.

How does stretching affect power?

When integrated into a dynamic warm-up routine, stretching has no negative effects on strength or power. Part of this may be a result of time passing and part may be a result of increased metabolic activity. Maybe the stretching doesn’t help physically and it is net neutral.

What is the relationship between force and stretch?

When a spring is stretched or compressed, so that its length changes by an amount x from its equilibrium length, then it exerts a force F = -kx in a direction towards its equilibrium position.

Does stretching involve a force?

The muscles are then relaxed for 20 seconds before performing another PNF technique. the hold-relax-swing. This technique (and a similar technique called the hold-relax-bounce ) actually involves the use of dynamic or ballistic stretches in conjunction with static and isometric stretches.

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What is a stretching force?

As you stretch or compress an elastic material like a bungee cord, it resists the change in shape. It exerts a counter force in the opposite direction. This force is called elastic force. The farther the material is stretched or compressed, the greater the elastic force becomes.

What is the effect of stretching?

Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints. Without it, the muscles shorten and become tight.

Is stretching good or bad?

Stretching, just like any other form of exercise, can be extremely dangerous and harmful if performed incorrectly or recklessly. But the same can be said for any type of exercise or fitness activity.

What is the relationship between the force exerted by a spring and the stretching of the spring?

For a given spring and other elastic objects, the extension is directly proportional to the force applied. For example, if the force is doubled, the extension doubles. This works until the limit of proportionality is exceeded.

What is the relationship between force and stretch for a rubber band stretching out?

Remember the angle and height at which you hold the ruler because you will need to keep it the same for each rubber band launch. Have your helper draw a small chalk circle where the rubber band landed. Shoot at least four more rubber bands in the same way, stretching them back to 10 cm on the ruler each time.

When is stretching most effective?

The best time to stretch is after exercise, when your muscles are warm. True and false: It’s safer to stretch a warm muscle, and warm muscles are more relaxed and have greater range of motion. However, walking briskly or jogging for five minutes, until you break a light sweat, is a sufficient warm-up for stretching.

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How does stretching increase flexibility?

It works because that kind of stretching loads the muscle with more force at a greater level of extension, which then tells the nervous system that the muscle can be strong and safe at that level of extension, she said.

What are 10 benefits of stretching?


  • Decreases muscle stiffness and increases range of motion.
  • May reduce your risk of injury.
  • Helps relieve post-exercise aches and pains.
  • Improves posture.
  • Helps reduce or manage stress.
  • Reduces muscular tension and enhances muscular relaxation.
  • Improves mechanical efficiency and overall functional performance.

What is a stretching force called What is a real world example of this force?

Springs are one of the best examples of elastic force because they return back to their original shape after undergoing deformations such as compression and expansion. Springs can be widely used in toys such as spring heads, toy telephones, etc. Hence, the elastic force is widely used in the entertainment sector.

What is an example of a stretching force?

A spring is an example of an elastic object – when stretched, it exerts a restoring force which tends to bring it back to its original length. This restoring force is generally proportional to the amount of stretch, as described by Hooke’s Law.

Is elastic force a contact force?

Contact Forces. Contact forces are forces in which two or more objects or bodies touch or contact each other directly. There are many kinds of contact forces; among the most familiar are friction and elastic forces. Air resistance, a special type of friction, also is a contact force.

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