What Is The Curekt Ear Stretching Terminology? (Perfect answer)

What does it mean when you stretch your ear?

  • Ear stretching is a specific type of body modification that affects the earlobe. Many people stretch their ears so they can wear “spacers,” or earrings with holes in the earlobes. Ear stretching can be a fun way to decorate your body, but you need to understand how to take care of the stretched skin, so it heals correctly.

What is ear stretching called?

Ear stretching (also called ear gauging ) is when you gradually stretch out pierced holes in your earlobes.

What is the correct term for gauges?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary: ”the word gage is a variant spelling of gauge, which in the noun form refers broadly to measurement (“fine-gauge wire”) or a standard by which something is measured (“polls are a good gauge of how voters might vote”).” The Merriam-Webster adds: “Gauge is by far the preferred

Why do African tribes stretch their ears?

The Lahu and Karen-Padaung Tribes stretch their lobes and wear intricate jewelry in their multiple ear piercings because they believe that the ears are the most sacred part of the body. In present day, ear stretching is reserved for married women and seen as a sign of beauty.

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What do gauges symbolize?

History has shown us that ear stretching was initially used to show that an individual belonged to a group or a tribe. It was accepted by the group and they were marked as being “one of us”. When someone did not have stretched ears they were considered to be an outsider or someone who did not belong to the tribe.

What are big holes in earlobes called?

A plug (sometimes earplug or earspool), in the context of body modification, is a short, cylindrical piece of jewelry commonly worn in larger-gauge body piercings. Modern western plugs are also called flesh tunnels.

What the difference between stretching and gauging?

If you mean the act of stretching ear lobes, then call it stretching. In other words, “gauges” should refer to the size of jewelry, and “gauging” should be called “stretching.”

What is a ear blowout?

A blowout is one of the most common complications of ear gauging. It’s a ring of scar tissue that forms behind the jewelry and gives the piercing the appearance of turning inside out. Blowouts usually occur from trying to stretch the hole too quickly.

Why do the Mursi have lip plates?

The custom of wearing a lip plate is linked to the female’s fertility and eligibility for marriage. When a Mursi girl reaches puberty (around age 15 to 16) she will have her lip cut by a female member of the tribe and a small wooden stick is inserted.

Why did King Tut stretch his ears?

This shows that everyday Egyptians wore ear jewellery and modified their ears at a young age, and often removed or discarded them once they reached adulthood. That’s likely the reason why the ear stretching was only depicted for King Tut’s mask over other pharaohs is because he died quite young.

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Why did the Aztecs stretch their ears?

Ear piercings occurred among both males and females. Children first had their ears pierced at an early age. Ears would then be stretched systematically until they could hold the ear spools that were highly desired and given only to persons of a certain age as a show of maturation.

What is Deadstretching?

Dead stretching is the process of putting a larger piece of jewellery into the piercing; this is only advisable if it fits in without pressure otherwise you risk a blowout. This method works better when you have been at the previous size for a while and the piercing has loosened up.

How can I stretch my ears past 10MM?

GENERALLY USED TO STRETCH PAST 10MM (00G) When plugs get bigger, so do the jumps between sizes. This is where the taping method comes into its own and bridges these gaps. Simply put, the taping method involves wrapping tape around your current jewellery to gradually increase its diameter.

Can you stretch ears without tapers?

How to stretch/gauge your ears without tapers? If you want to know how to stretch ears without tapers it’s a fairly easy method called taping although this is much easier for larger stretches than it is for smaller ones.

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