What Is Tyre Stretching? (Correct answer)

Tyre stretching is the practice of fitting a tyre to a wheel where the tyre is narrower than the wheel itself. The tyre sidewalls, instead of being basically 90˚ square to the tread are pulled over to the outsized rim, effectively flattening the low profile tyre at the same time.

What Is Tire Stretching? Are Stretched Tires Safe?


  • Tire stretching means you fit a narrow tire on a wide wheel to make the sidewall stretch to the wheel’s edge. The difference is often between 1-3 inches. As a result, the sidewall extends all the way to the edge of the wheel, creating a highly distinctive show-style appearance. Why Do People Use Stretched Tires?

What does stretching your tires do?

A stretched tire refers to a tire that has a smaller width than the wheel it’s being mounted on. This results in the sidewall stretching to the edge of the wheel giving a very unique show style look. Essentially, it makes the wheel pop. Get Tires Here!

Is tire stretching illegal?

It is generally frowned upon, however not illegal in most cases. Be careful with your insurance though because it has been said that some people have gotten their insurance voided or rejected because of stretched tires.

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Is TYRE stretching legal in Australia?

As long as your tyres have an equivalent or higher speed and load rating than the original fitted tyres (and are approved by your technician to be suitable for the wheel), you are within the lawfully accepted means of modifying your car.

What PSI should my tires be stretched at?

some people on this forum are idiots when it comes to fitment/stretched tires. just run 40-42 and you’ll be fine.

Are stretched Tyres legal UK?

Regulations say that “ a tyre should not be used on a road if it’s not maintained in such condition as to be fit for the use to which the vehicle is being put”. The DVSA say this means tyres must be fitted on suitable wheels with suitable valves, giving technicians a reason to fail stretched tyres.

Is it illegal for wheels to stick out UK?

Wheel Connoisseur It is not illegal for wheels to protrude past the arch. If it protrudes more than 30mm, then it is illegal. But at the same time all tyre must be under the arch.

Can wrong size tires damage car?

Unfortunately, altering the tire size of a vehicle without thorough and careful consideration is a decision that can really bite. Fitting the wrong tire size can cause damage to a vehicle, and is a real safety hazard as well.

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Can you stretch run flat tires?

The stretched tire tread doesn’t widen but the sidewalls do, using a runflat tire would be unwise since the sidewall is very stiff and unable to take the stress of stretching.

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