What Oil To Use For Stretching Ears? (Solution found)

Massage your earlobes at least once a day with coconut oil, jojoba oil, or another safe oil to keep it moisturized and promote healing. Wait at least 6 weeks between gauges, but keep an eye on your piercing. Don’t go up to the next gauge if you notice any redness, swelling, or irritation after 6 weeks.

Is it safe to use essential oil for ear stretching?

  • To use essential oils for ear stretching without harming your skin, you can dilute them by adding a few drops of essential oil to a safer carrier oil, such as jojoba oil, olive oil, or coconut oil. It’s generally safe to use no more than a 5% concentration, though this can vary depending on the oil.

Can you use olive oil as lube for ear stretching?

What oil should I use on my stretched lobes? Any natural oil is good for your ears, but we recommend you try using jojoba oil (try our jojoba oil ), vitamin E oil, coconut oil, olive oil, emu oil, and bio oil. Any of these will do a great job and soften your earlobes to help them retain the necessary moisture.

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What can I use to lube my ears?

First of all, get a good lubricant: Vitamin E oil (jar or pill form), jojoba oil, olive oil, or emu oil are commonly used. This assures a smooth painless insertion of jewelry. Do not, under ANY circumstances, use Vaseline.

Can I use baby oil for ear stretching?

Can I use baby oil to stretch my ears? A: I use Vitamin E oil, because it massages as well as works as a good lubricant. Never use just water, spit, baby oil or vaseline. Baby oil, its scented, and just won’t work, especially if your ear tears, you’re talking mega infection.

Can you use water based lube to stretch your ears?

Jojoba and emu oil are two types of oils that are excellent for this type of application. Ear stretching balms and creams or any type of water-based lubricant would also be suitable. However, be sure to avoid oil-based lubricants, such as petroleum jelly (Vaseline)..

How can I safely stretch my ears?

To prepare your ears for stretching, apply a warm compress to the piercing for several minutes in order to ease up the tissue and make the stretch easier. Then, wash the area, rinse well and pat dry. Once you’re ready for the stretch, apply oil around the perimeter of your piercing.

Is Vaseline good for gauges?

Lubricants make a stretch easier. While you’re out getting a new taper, get some Jojoba oil, Vitamin E oil or GaugeGear Stretching Balm (Neosporin and Vaseline are not good lubes for ear stretching ). Lube up your ears and also the taper. Slowly insert the taper all the way up to the base of the bigger side.

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Can you dead stretch your ears?

Dead stretching is the process of putting a larger piece of jewellery into the piercing; this is only advisable if it fits in without pressure otherwise you risk a blowout. Ear weights are not recommended for stretching as they can disfigure the piercing if worn for long periods of time.

What you should know before stretching your ears?

9 Things To Know If You Get Your Ears Gauged

  • Your Earlobe Holes May Never Get Back To “Normal”
  • You Can Repair Gauged Earlobes.
  • You Should Wait Eight To 10 Weeks Between Stretches.
  • Tears Can Cause Scar Tissue.
  • Pain While Stretching Probably Means You’re Damaging The Tissue.

How can I make my stretched ears heal faster?

Soak your earlobes at least twice a day in warm, clean water with about 1/4 tsp of salt for every 1 cup of water. Massage your earlobes at least once a day with coconut oil, jojoba oil, or another safe oil to keep it moisturized and promote healing.

How long do you leave tapers in before putting plugs in?

How long should I wait between each stretch?

  1. 16g to 14g – 1-2 months.
  2. 14g to 12g – 1-2 months.
  3. 12g to 10g – 2-3 months.
  4. 10g to 8g – 2-3 months.
  5. 8g to 6g – 3-4 months.
  6. 6g to 4g – 3-4 months.
  7. 4g to 2g – 3-4 months.
  8. 2g to 0g – 4-5 months.

What does jojoba oil do for gauges?

Jojoba oil will be your best friend throughout the stretching process. Jojoba oil is easily absorbed into the skin, is anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial. It is similar to the oils in our skin making it incredibly moisturizing which is just what your ears need during stretching.

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Can I stretch my ears every 2 weeks?

You should never attempt a new stretch again though until your ears are completely healed from the previous one; one to two months is a good rule of thumb. Many people find this waiting period to be annoying as they want to be at ‘x’ gauge as soon as possible.

Can you use tea tree oil on gauges?

Tea tree oil should not be used as piercing aftercare. The best thing for piercing aftercare is a simple saline solution ( a mix of non-iodized sea salt and distilled water) to wash the piercing and nothing else. If your piercer recommends tea tree oil for after care as well as this you do not need it.

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