What Stretching Machine Did Karate Man Superfoot Wallace Promote? (TOP 5 Tips)

Bill Superfoot Wallace introduces Century’s VersaFlex. Learn how to gain maximum flexibility using the phenomenal piece of equipment.

What kind of martial artist is Bill Wallace?

  • Bill Wallace (born December 1, 1945) is an American martial artist who was a Professional Karate Association world full-contact karate champion. He was the Professional Karate Association (PKA) Middleweight Champion kickboxer for almost six years.

What degree black belt is Bill Superfoot Wallace?

As I mentioned, by rank Bill Wallace is a tenth degree black belt, and has earned the title of Hanshi, but he doesn’t refer to himself as such.

How fast was Wallace kicked?

He was known for his fast left leg kicks, especially his roundhouse kick and his hook kick, which was clocked at about 60 mph.

Did Chuck Norris ever fight Bill Wallace?

Chuck Norris vs Bill “Superfoot” Wallace in “A Force of One” (1979).

What happened Superfoot Wallace?

Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace retired as the undefeated Professional Karate Association (PKA) Middleweight Champion after defeating Robert Biggs in a 12-round bout in June 1980. The victory, his 23rd straight, signaled an end to an illustrious fifteen year career in tournament and full contact fighting.

Where is Bill Wallace from?

Superfoot is the former Undefeated Middleweight Kickboxing champion 1975 to 1983 known for his extremely fast Left Leg and sneaky Techniques. the System is Developed through a lifetime of Full Contact competition. Superfoot is hosted twice annually at the training station with annual Black belt testing hosted on Site.

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Did Chuck fight Joe Norris?

During that time he defeated Chuck Norris. In 1966, at the Long Beach Internationals, Lewis lost an upset decision to Allen Steen.

Did Chuck Norris fight professionally?

Chuck Norris was a real karate fighter, and he enters karate tournaments between 1964 and 1974. During this time, estimates have his fighting record at roughly 183-10-2. Chuck became the World Professional Middleweight Karate Champion in 1968.

What was Chuck Norris’s fight record?

Norris compiled a fight record of 65-5 with wins over champions Joe Lewis, Skipper Mullins, Arnold Urquidez, Ronald L. Marchini, Victor Moore, Louis Delgado, and Steve Sanders. Of the five men to beat Norris, three were Allen Steen, Joe Lewis, and Norris’s last career defeat to Louis Delgado in 1968.

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