When Stretching Fence Should You Start With The Top Or Bottom? (Question)

  • Start with the top wire (which should be about 4 feet from ground level), then each lower wire will be tied approx. 4 clicks down ; there should be around 9 inches separating each wire. So, when finished, the bottom wire should be around 1 foot off the ground, this is assuming a fairly strait and level fence line.

How tight should you stretch barbed wire?

Tension. “You want it tight and straight between posts, with no droops, but not so tight that it vibrates when you hit it, like when sinking staples into the brace posts,” he says. If you’re playing a tune with your hammer, the fence is tight enough that it might break.

How far apart should posts be for welded wire fence?

Figure line post spacing at 8 to 10 feet apart.

How do you stretch a chicken wire fence?

It’s tempting to just keep unrolling the chicken wire to get the job over and done with. If you rush to unroll the fence without stopping and stretching along the way, you’re bound to end up with too much slack. The best approach is to unroll it and stop every 15 to 20 feet to stretch the wire and work out any kinks.

How high should an H brace be?

The horizontal brace post will ideally be installed between the marks of the topmost wire and the next wire below. For example, if the top strand is 48” from the ground and the next wire down is 38” your pin placement would be you could install the horizontal post around 43” from the ground.

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