Which Of The Following Statements About The Rapid Stretching Of A Rubber Band Is True? (TOP 5 Tips)

What happens when you stretch a rubber band?

  • Ask them to stretch the rubber band, then place it on their upper lip. They will feel heat. Release the tension on the rubber band and touch it to their upper lip, the rubber band will feel cooler. Entropy change (stretching and contracting at constant T):

What happens to a rubber band when you stretch it?

A rubber band is an elastic material in nature. When stretched, it changes its shape and when the applied force is removed, it regains its original shape. That is why a rubber band changes its shape even though it is a solid. Also, if excessive force is applied then the rubber band would break.

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What type of energy is stretching a rubber band?

Elastic Potential Energy A stretched rubber band has the potential to do work or change things. This form of energy is called elastic potential energy.

What increases when you stretch rubber band?

When you stretch a rubber band, the volume and entropy decrease, and the temperature rises, whereas when you allow a rubber band to relax, the volume and entropy increase, so the temperature falls.

Which of the following is stored when you stretch a rubber band?

When you stretch a rubber band it stores potential energy. Specifically it stores elastic potential energy —the type of energy stored when a material is deformed (as opposed to gravitational potential energy, the type you get when you raise an object off the ground).

Why does rubber band heat up when stretched?

When molecules, not just rubber molecules, but any molecules, form crystals, they give off heat. This is why the rubber band feels hot when its stretched. When you let go of the rubber band, the polymer molecules break out of those crystals. Whenever molecules break out of crystals, they absorb heat.

Why stretching of rubber band is a physical change?

A physical change is easily reversible and there is no formation of a new substance. Stretching of a rubber band is a physical change since only the shape and size of a rubber band is changing and there is no formation of a new substance.

When you stretch a rubber band What is the energy generated and lost?

Answer: It gains elastic potential energy, while the object that stretched it losses energy. Band is released from the stretched position: it losses its stored elastic potential energy.

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Is a stretched rubber band potential or kinetic energy?

Kinetic energy is energy in an object because of its motion. For example, a rubber band that is stretched has elastic potential energy, because when released, the rubber band will spring back toward its resting state, transferring the potential energy to kinetic energy in the process.

How did the rubber band acquire energy when stretched?

Explain. The energy acquired is called elastic potential energy. When we stretch the rubber bands kinetic energy is produced. When it is brought to rest after stretching then kinetic energy converts into potential energy.

Why rubber band is stretched how it is connected to the elastic rebound theory?

This is what happens in a rubber band. As you stretch a rubber band, the material stores elastic energy, and its desire to snap back is the stored elastic energy. Once there is a lot of elastic energy stored, you can let it go.

When we stretch a rubber band the net force?

When a rubber band is stretched, work is done on it, in course of which some amount of energy in the form of elastic potential energy (strain energy) is input into it. This increases the potential energy of the system. When the rubber band is released, the potential energy is quickly converted to kinetic energy.

How do you make a rubber band car go faster?

Turn the axle several times. You’ve given the rubber band potential (stored) energy. When it unwinds, this potential energy is transformed into kinetic (motion) energy, and the axle spins. The more you wind the rubber band, the more energy is available for your car’s wheels—and the farther and faster your car goes.

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When the rubber band in a slingshot is stretched?

When the rubber band in a slingshot is stretched, it obeys Hooke’s law.

Does the distance a rubber band is stretched affect how far it will fly when released?

The simple answer is yes. The farther you pull a rubber band back, the further it will fly. This is true unless the rubber band is pulled too far and begins to break. However, these chains do not want to be straight, and so when you release the rubber band they will tangle up again.

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