Which Of The Following Stretching Techniques Is The Best And Safest For Improving Range Of Motion? (Solved)

What are two types of stretches that are considered safe?

  • Michael Clark, CEO of the National Academy of Sports Medicine, recommends static and dynamic flexibility as two of the safest methods of stretching. However, you should perform each of these methods at certain times of your workouts to minimize the risk of injury.

What type of stretching improves range of motion?

Dynamic stretching increases range of motion while maintaining muscle tension, making it useful for general stretching, fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Ballistic stretching can increase range of motion quickly, but has a higher risk of injury than other effective techniques.

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Which type of stretching improves range of motion the fastest?

PNF stretching is currently the fastest and most effective way known to increase static-passive flexibility.

Which of the following stretching techniques is considered to be the safest for improving range of motion?

Static stretching is the most common form of stretching, and is usually performed during general fitness routines. It is considered the safest and most effective form of stretching to improve overall flexibility. The best time for static stretching is after your workout as part of your cool down routine.

What type of stretching is considered one of the safest and most effective way to increase your range of motion and strengthen your tendons and ligaments?

Static stretching is the most effective form of stretching for loosening up your muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons, while also improving flexibility and range of motion.

What type of stretching improves flexibility?

Static stretching is arguably the most popular type of flexibility exercise. It involves moving a muscle into a lengthened position and holding the stretch for an extended period of time, typically 10 to 60 seconds. An effective static stretch may cause mild discomfort, but it should not be painful.

Which type of stretching can increase the range of motion needed to perform movements such as throwing a football and shooting a basketball?

Ballistic stretching increases flexibility and acute vertical jump height when combined with basketball activity. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 20(4), 799-803.

Which is the best recommendation for stretching?

For a general fitness program, the American College of Sports Medicine1 recommends static stretching for most individuals that is preceded by an active warm-up, at least 2 to 3 days per week. Each stretch should be held 15-30 seconds and repeated 2 to 4 times.

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Which stretching technique is recommended by experts?

While studies have not clearly proven this, increasing numbers of experts agree that dynamic stretching is the best stretching routine before a workout or competition.

What is considered one of the safest stretching techniques quizlet?

The ballistic method of developing flexibility is the safest form of stretching.

Which stretching method is not recommended?

Ballistic stretching is generally not recommended for everyday people who want to stay in shape or improve flexibility because there is a risk of straining or pulling a muscle. Static stretching stretches muscles more gently without risk of pulling them.

When is passive stretching most effective?

Passive stretching is used for long-term flexibility and mobility, and is the most effective form of stretching for pain relief. Passive stretching is best done post-workout, or when you are warm, so that you can get the most out of the session.

What is the best type of stretching for beginners?

Static stretching Stretch a specific muscle until you feel tension and then hold the position for 15 to 60 seconds. This is considered the safest way to stretch — done gently, it allows muscles and connective tissue time to “reset” the stretch reflex.

What type of stretch is best included as part of a cool down?

Static stretches should be used as part of your cool-down routine to help prevent injury. Using static stretching as a maintenance stretching program will also help reduce your risk of injury.

What stretching movement is best used to prepare your heart for an exercise?

Yoga. Although it might not seem like it, yoga is great for your heart health. Doing yoga will help you strengthen and tone your muscles. Certain types of yoga can really get your heart rate up, while still providing the calm that will lower your blood pressure.

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Which of the following best defines dynamic stretching?

Which of the following BEST defines dynamic stretching? Dynamic stretching features slow, deliberate, controlled motions useful for activity preparation and reducing muscle tightness.

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