Which Type Of Cartilage Is Dense And Very Resistant To Stretching? (Perfect answer)

  • FIBROUS CARTILAGE Has a majority of tough collagenous fibers embedded in the matrix making this type of cartilage dense and very resistant to stretching Located within intervertebral disks and the pubic symphysis between the pubic bones

What cartilage is the type of cartilage that is easily stretched and flexible?

Elastic cartilage is the most flexible, which means it contains the most chondrocytes. This is the type of cartilage found in your ear.

What is the strongest and most durable cartilage?

Which cartilage is the strongest/most durable? Fibrocartilage, the densely interwoven collagen fibers contribute to the extreme durability of this type of cartilage. ( Knee joint, pelvic bones, etc).

Which type of tissue Ask a firm protective packing around in between organs?

Adipose cells act as a filler tissue, cushions, supports and is a firm protective packing around and between organs, bundles of muscle fibers, and nerves. It supports blood vessels.

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What type of fiber is flexible and easily stretched?

Elastic fibers are made of the protein elastin; this fiber can stretch to one and one half of its length and return to its original size and shape. Elastic fibers provide flexibility to the tissues. Reticular fibers are the third type of protein fiber found in connective tissues.

What is dense elastic connective tissue?

Dense connective tissue, also called dense fibrous tissue, is a type of connective tissue with fibers as its main matrix element. Ligaments are more stretchy and contain more elastic fibers than tendons. Dense connective tissue also make up the lower layers of the skin (dermis), where it is arranged in sheets.

What is the difference between dense regular and dense irregular connective tissue?

In dense regular connective tissue, collagen fibers are arranged parallel to each other in the form of a bundle that is arranged in a specific orientation. In dense irregular connective tissue, fibers are not arranged parallel, and the bundles are not arranged in a specific orientation.

Which type of cartilage is the most durable?

Types of Cartilage

  • Hyaline Cartilage. Hyaline Cartilage has a smooth surface and is the most common of the three types of cartilage.
  • Fibrocartilage. Fibrocartilage is the toughest of the three types of cartilage.
  • Elastic Cartilage. Elastic cartilage provides support.

Which is the strongest cartilage?

Fibrocartilage contains even more collagen fibers than hyaline cartilage. It’s the most rigid type of cartilage and can be found in intervertebral discs in the spine. It’s also the strongest type of cartilage.

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Which type of cartilage is the most durable in the body?

Fibro or fibrous Fibro cartilage is found in special pads known as menisci and in the disks between your spinal bones, known as vertebrae. These pads are vital to reducing friction in joints, such as the knee. Doctors consider it the strongest of the three cartilage types. It has thick layers of strong collagen fibers.

Where is elastic dense connective tissue found?

This type of tissue contains a dense woven network of collagenous (and some elastic) fibres in a viscous matrix. It is found in joint capsules, in the connective tissue that envelops muscles (muscle fascia), and it forms dermis of skin. It is impact resistant.

What is the dense regular connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone?

A tendon is a fibrous connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone. Tendons may also attach muscles to structures such as the eyeball. A tendon serves to move the bone or structure.

What connective tissue is firm flexible support of the embryonic skeleton and part of the adult skeleton?

Structure, Type, and Location of Cartilage. Cartilage is an avascular, flexible connective tissue located throughout the body that provides support and cushioning for adjacent tissues.

What is elastic cartilage?

Elastic cartilage is a structural cartilaginous tissue for non-load-bearing body parts, such as ears, nose, and epiglottis (Hutmacher et al., 2003).

What are examples of dense connective tissue?

In particular, tendons and ligaments are examples of dense regular connective tissue. Tendons connect muscles to bones whereas ligaments connect a bone to another bone. Other examples include the perichondrium around the tracheal cartilage and the tunica albuginea around the testis.

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What is fibrous cartilage?

Fibrocartilage is the tough, very strong tissue found predominantly in the intervertebral disks and at the insertions of ligaments and tendons; it is similar to other fibrous tissues but contains cartilage ground substance and chondrocytes. Elastic cartilage, which is yellow in appearance, is more pliableā€¦

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