Which Type Of Stretching Is Most Likely To Elicit A Stretch Reflex? (Best solution)

Why is it important to understand the stretch reflex?

  • The whole point of stretching is getting your muscles accustomed to moving through a specific range of motion, so if the muscle is not used to going that far, you may end up with an injury. So, to avoid the stretch reflex and potential damage to your muscles and joints, avoid pain.

What triggers the stretch reflex?

The stretch reflex is activated (or caused) by a stretch in the muscle spindle. When the stretch impulse is received a rapid sequence of events follows. The motor neuron is activated and the stretched muscles, and its supporting muscles, are contracted while its antagonist muscles are inhibited (relaxed).

Which reflex is used in response to stretching?

The stretch reflex or myotatic reflex refers to the contraction of a muscle in response to its passive stretching by increasing its contractility as long as the stretch is within physiological limits.

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What is a stretch reflex example?

For example, this reflex occurs is when a person is standing in an upright position then begins to lean on one side. Some of the stretch reflexes are jaw jerk reflex, biceps reflex, brachioradialis reflex, triceps reflex, patellar reflex, and ankle jerk reflex. Synonyms: myotatic reflex.

What type of reflex is a stretch reflex quizlet?

The stretch reflex (myotatic reflex) is a muscle contraction in response to stretching within the muscle. It is a monosynaptic reflex which provides automatic regulation of skeletal muscle length. When a muscle lengthens, the muscle spindle is stretched and its nerve activity increases.

What is inverse stretch reflex?

The Golgi tendon reflex (also called inverse stretch reflex, autogenic inhibition, tendon reflex) is an inhibitory effect on the muscle resulting from the muscle tension stimulating Golgi tendon organs (GTO) of the muscle, and hence it is self-induced.

Which component of the muscle stretch reflex initiates the reflex?

The stretch reflex is accomplished through several different structures. In the muscle, there are muscle spindles, whose extrafusal muscle fibers lie parallel to the muscle and sense changes in length and velocity. The afferent sensory neuron is the structure that carries the signal from the muscle to the spinal cord.

Is the stretch reflex excitatory or inhibitory?

The Ia afferent directly causes excitation of the stretched muscle, and the inhibitory Ia interneuron mediates inhibition of the antagonist muscle. This impulse is also modulated by descending motor tracts, including the corticospinal tracts.

What is dynamic stretch reflex?

1-Dynamic stretch reflex (dynamic or phasic. response) – Sudden rapid stretch of a muscle >> stimulate. Nuclear bag fibers which respond to rate or.

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What type of reflex is a flexion reflex?

The flexor reflex is a polysynaptic reflex that results in flexor muscle contraction. It is elicited by afferent stimuli collectively known as flexor reflex afferents (FRAs).

What receptors initiate the inverse stretch reflex?

The Inverse Myotatic Reflex Involves Sensors of Muscle Force in the Tendon. Stretch receptors called Golgi tendon organs are found within the collagen fibers of tendons and within joint capsules.

What are the major components of a stretch reflex?

The pathway can be described as a ‘reflex arc’ which is made up of 5 components:

  • A receptor – muscle spindle.
  • An afferent fibre – muscle spindle afferent.
  • An integration centre – lamina IX of spinal cord.
  • An efferent fibre – α-motoneurones.
  • An effector – muscle.

Which of the following is an example of a stretch reflex quizlet?

The patellar (knee-jerk) reflex is an example of what type of reflex? It is an example of a stretch reflex.

How does the stretch reflex protect a muscle quizlet?

: Stretching activates the stretch reflex, which in turn contracts the muscle, thereby preventing overstretching.

Is the stretch reflex Monosynaptic or Polysynaptic?

The stretch reflex consists of a monosynaptic response from the direct connection between Ia afferents and motor neurons, that may be followed by polysynaptic reflex activity.

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