Why Are My Seams Stretching When I Hem With A Twin Needle? (Solution)

Can a twin needle be used for hemming?

  • What is a twinneedle? A twinneedle has, as the name implies, two parallel needles that sew two rows of straight stitches on the upper side and underneath a zigzag-like pattern is formed. The stitch will stretch out nicely, thanks to the zigzag, so you can use a double needle to hem even very tight-fitting garments with negative ease.

How do you avoid twin needle tunneling?

To prevent tunneling when sewing a lightweight knit fabric you’ll need to stabilize the fabric further. Overlocking helps, but a thin strip of knit interfacing, fusible webbing, or a wash away hem stabilizer will do wonders.

Why is my double needle skipping stitches?

Skipping stitches is a common problem with double needles when they become dull or the upper tension is too weak. There are special twin needles for knit fabrics, for woven fabrics, for jeans, for decorative embroidery stitches. 4. Sometimes the 2 thread spools should be unwinding in opposite directions.

Can you Backstitch with a twin needle?

Don’t backstitch or overlap your stitches. Leave long tails again before cutting. Give your hem a good tug. You’ll notice that the bobbin thread tails in particular may get a lot shorter.

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Why is my twin needle tunneling?

Tunneling is what happens when there is a large bump in between your two rows of stitching. To avoid this, I’ve found it helps to increase your top thread tension. Your machine may vary, but I usually set my tension to 3. If possible, you should also decrease your bobbin tension as well.

What stitch do you use for a twin needle?

Which Stitches Can I Use? A simple straight stitch with a twin needle always looks crisp and exact. It’s the one we use most in home d├ęcor sewing. However, your machine may be able to sew a zigzag or decorative stitches with a twin needle, which can be very pretty, especially with two different colors of thread.

What is a twin needle guard?

A twin needle produces two parallel lines of stitching along the top as the bobbin thread zigzags between them. You can use twin needles to make pintucks, professional looking hems, or decorative topstitching.

How does twin needle sewing work?

Twin needles can be used to create parallel and decorative stitches on a whole host of fabrics. They are most commonly used on the hems of knit and jersey fabrics to create a professional finish. If you look on your shop bought knit garment hems you will notice the parallel lines of stitching.

Can you use a twin needle on a Janome Sewing Machine?

An essential tool in your machine sewing toolkit, this twin needle from Janome features two needles attached to a single shank to stitch rows of parallel lines. This twin needle has a gap of 2mm and can be used for decorative sewing, topstitching, and pintucks.

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