Why Does Stretching Make My Ankles Feel Weak? (Solution)

Examples include sprains, strains, fractures, and dislocations. Another issue that causes weak ankles is chronic ankle instability, which develops after trauma to the ankle. There are also some health conditions that can cause the ankles to get weak. Diabetes and osteoarthritis are the most common ones.


  • Weak Ankles usually develops following an ankle sprain that has not adequately healed or was not rehabilitated completely. When you sprain your ankle, the connective tissues (ligaments) are stretched or torn. The ability to balance is often affected.

What causes weakness in the ankles?

Weak ankles symptoms sore ankles and feet. frequent ankle sprains or injuries. ankle often twisting outward when walking. balance problems.

Is it bad to stretch your ankles?

Otherwise, stretching your ankles may help with your range of motion and overall stiffness and soreness. Try to stretch regularly, or three to five days out of the week. You can also speak with your doctor or physical therapist about other ways you might be able to improve your ankle strength and flexibility.

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What does ankle instability feel like?

A common symptom of ankle instability is the feeling of the ankle ready to give way. This may be heightened when walking on uneven ground or when wearing high heels. The instability may also be accompanied by pain on the outside of the ankle. Sometimes this pain is intense, and other times it may be a dull ache.

How do you fix weak ankles?

Let’s talk about some of the most effective ways to strengthen weak ankles and consequently prevent ankle injuries:

  1. Lose Weight.
  2. Use Correct Footwear.
  3. Warm Up and Cool Down When Exercising.
  4. Write the Alphabet Using Your Toes.
  5. Standing Calf Raises (Standing on Tiptoes)
  6. Flex and Stretch (Pointing the Feet)

Why do my legs and ankles feel weak?

Poor circulation. Your legs may feel tired or fatigued if your blood isn’t circulating through your body properly. Poor circulation often affects the lower part of your body since it’s harder for blood to flow upward toward your heart. Sometimes blood can collect in your legs, ankles, and feet.

Can you increase ankle dorsiflexion?

A systematic review by Radford has shown that static ankle dorsiflexion stretching can lead to a statistically significant improvement in motion. A more recent meta-analysis revealed a 5-degree increase in mobility after ankle dorsiflexion stretches.

What is the risk of having a poor ankle flexibility?

“If your ankle mobility is limited enough, it can impact your walking gait,” says Wickham. When your walking gait gets wonky, a chain reaction happens up your body that increases your risk of injury elsewhere. Hip and knee injuries are especially common in people with limited ankle mobility.

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What is footballer’s ankle?

Footballer’s ankle occurs when the soft tissue (tendons and ligaments) in the ankle get pinched between the bones. Due to excessive kicking and bending and stretching of the foot, the ligaments can also thicken and cause bone growth at the front of the ankle causing pain.

What is a collapsed ankle?

Adult-acquired flatfoot or collapsed arch occurs because the large tendon on the inside of the ankle – the posterior tibial tendon – becomes stretched out and no longer supports the foot’s arch. In many cases, the condition worsens and and the tendon thickens, becoming painful, especially during activities.

What is the best support for weak ankles?

But braces are still a great way to give your ankles stronger support to better prevent ankle sprains, especially during intense physical activity. Ankle braces have come a long way over the years and many now offer support without sacrificing too much comfort or flexibility.

Why do I keep going over on my ankle?

If the two ends of the ligament are stretched too far apart, it’s called a sprain. If the ligament is repeatedly stressed as in “rolling the ankle” all the time, then the ligaments lose their toughness and become stretched out. When this happens, ankle sprains can become recurrent.

Do calf raises strengthen ankles?

Calf raises are a popular exercise amongst many athletes and for good reason: they help build ankle and posterior chain strength and stability. Both of these are important for any sport that requires sudden acceleration and deceleration (sprinting, jumping, landing).

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Do squats strengthen ankles?

Believe it or not simply hopping from side to side will slowly start to increase ankle mobility. Squat on your tiptoes: Stand straight with your feet flat on the ground and drop into a normal squat. This will improve your balance and strengthen your ankles.

What exercises strengthen ankles?

6 Proven Exercises for Building Strong Feet and Ankles

  • Toe pick-ups/curls. Place several small objects, like marbles or Monopoly pieces, on the floor in front of you.
  • Bent-knee wall stretch.
  • Negative calf raises.
  • Towel tug.
  • Ankle pump up and down.
  • Foot roll.

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